Nova ProClay

The Nova ProClay court is the same as any natural clay court surface, the difference between a ProClay and a traditional clay court is the cushioned sub-structure. The ProClay sub-structure provides an easier to maintain surface, without sacrificing authentic clay court playing conditions.

ProClay Features 

  • Construction with environmentally sustainable components, this ensures quality for our customers and is good for the environment.
  • No extended break-in or clay set up time.
  • No frost heaves – lines maintain integrity.
  • Quick and easy installation, low maintenance, minimal watering, no rolling or brushing.
  • Clean, crisp permanent lines,  no more replacing line tapes every season.
  • Consistent ball response.
  • Easy conversion of existing courts.
  • Excess rain drains away, court base retains the necessary reservoir of moisture.
  • Excellent for an indoor clay court.
  • ProClay courts also serve as an economical conversion application of concrete/asphalt and existing fast dry courts, this saves time and money.


The ProClay installation and concept is very simple, base construction is the same as any other tennis court, but the ProClay requires 2”-3” of stone dust as the last phase of the base. Once the stone dust is graded to exact specifications, the unique ProClay installation process begins. We use Nova Grass Industries and Har-Tru Sports for all of our speciality materials involved in the Pro-Clay process, they have been trusted partners for years.

The graphic to the left shows the different layers of the ProClay.

The Installation Process

2-3″ inches of stone dust is laser-graded to exact specifications

After the stone dust is graded, watered and rolled, it is ready for turf

The turf is rolled out and adjusted, all wrinkles must be worked out and the seams must be aligned perfectly

The seams are cut using speciality tools

The seams are glued together using an industrial strength adhesive over a plastic carpet roll

Approximately eight tons of sand is systematically distributed over the surface

The sand is dragged evenly into the turf using a specialized steel drag broom

We use a specialized “wand” to spray the poly-seal liquid that locks the sand into the turf

Four tons of blended fast-dry is then distributed over the surface

A beautiful finished product

Traditional Clay Court & Har-Tru

Clay Court & Har-Tru Features 

  • The granular surface provided by clay surfaces acts as a shock-absorbing cushion, allowing players to slide into their returns.
  • The ball bounces consistently slower than on other surfaces, this results in longer rallies, a greater variety of strokes, a more controlled game.
  • A clay court is ready for action in a matter of minutes after a rain shower, water is absorbed through the surface and into the base, the slope of the court then allows excess moisture to run off.
  • Other courts may crack and bulge, but a clay court can last a lifetime, with proper maintenance, you can avoid the hidden replacement costs associated with hard surfaces.


Nova ProCourt XP

Nova ProCourt XP provides superior long term cushioning benefits and a medium speed of play. This top of the line turf court is ideal for all levels of  tennis play. Nova ProCourt XP is designed with a ratio of fiber density and infill to ensure traction as well as good foot rotation and release, one of the most sought after surfaces in our grass court surfacing line.

ProCourt XP Features

  • True shot response, speed, bounce, spin and slice, provides a moderate pace of play.
  • Vertical and dense fiber system means superior traction.
  • Custom colors available including two-tone construction, Vertical and dense fiber system offers superior traction
  • Easy installation, low maintenance, eco-friendly design & construction.

All-Weather Asphalt Court

All-Weather Features

  • Low maintenance, versatile recreational surface, we offer a variety of color combinations as well as cushion application options that enhance the surface and provide a more forgiving feel. Also a great option for anyone looking for a tennis/basketball court combination.